Have you ever wondered why

Blue’s the color of the sky?

How do airplanes stay up?

Why do dogs sniff their own butt?

Why are dinasaurs extinct?

How are rain and ocean linked?

Asking questions, that’s the key

Let us answer them and see:

First let’s look up at the sky

It is blue. But question’s: why?

There’s no color without light

Sun provides it, shinning bright

Let us capture just one ray

Like a wave, a milky way

And inside this one white stride

All the other colors hide

Rays of sunshine come down sly

Bounce off things and…

There’s a teddy on my bookshelf
With a stetoscope
She is watching me do homework
I have named her Hope.
She’s a doctor just like mommy
White coat, mask and glasses
And if she was just as smart
She’d help me with my classes.
Mommy’s working more these days
I don’t go to school
Wish my friends could visit us
That would be quite cool.
I do see them over Zoom
They’re also locked inside
We play games, share videos
Wonder what we haven’t tried.
We can’t visit grandma either
We could get her sick
I’ve heard TV people say
Many others did.
Daddy told me not to worry
That we will be fine
But I couldn’t help but…

Early twenties, funny fusion
Filled with wonder and confusion
Some frustration and delusion
As things change we grow to see
Life’s ongoing mystery.
Circumstances convoluted
We feel awkward, clueless, stupid
Doubts lurk with uncertainty
Many things a novelty.
We work hard to make out way
Choose what has to go or stay
Weave the patters of our life
Thought the pain and dark, find light.
When the times become too tough
Feeling you’re not good enough
Know whatever is the case
It’s okay to make mistakes
Seek help in those you hold dear
Friends who see you through the fear
Your hard work and tears you shed
Are all worth it in the end.
Take a deep breath, you will see

Source: Article by Diana Divecha

Love. Companionship. Family.

Those are the words we associate with happiness and content. And indeed, as we make our way through trials and tribulations of life, finding ourselves and our place in the world. These things do make life truly beautiful.

Relationships always have their fair share of challenges. From the expectations and ideals ingrained in us from a barely conscious age to our own prior experiences and insecurities to be overcome. Romantic partnerships consist of many trials and errors, regardless of their longevity or outcome they teach us about ourselves and other people around us.

Ultimately, love is a…

Source: Twitter

Our families, regardless of their size or structure are our gateways into the world. They are our first introduction to concepts such as interpersonal relationships, communication, conflict and others. Vital steps of our development are dependent on the people around us during our most formative and vulnerable years.

In a perfect world, every child would grow up feeling secure and beloved. Every child would be given vital lessons of compassion and empathy, of treating others with kindness and they would learn those concepts by experiencing them first hand. Unfortunately, that is not the world we live in.

Many families, some…

What I’ve learned about love living 3000 miles away from my partner


I miss you. I think of you. I dream about you. I go about by daily life and a random memory of you makes me smile. At times it makes me sad that you can’t share certain things with me or hug me in the moment. But I’m always glad. Glad that I have met you, that I have you in my life and that we will meet again soon…

Long-distance relationships are difficult.

You constantly yearn for the person you love; wish they were by your side to share meaningful experiences or to simply hold your hand. Add to…

Autor: Paweł Deptuch

To be in a relationship, at least a genuine one, implies allowing one’s vulnerabilities to be exposed.

It’s a gradual process of developing deep trust and letting your walls down until you feel truly at peace, knowing you can freely express your fears and frustrations to the other person.

We all yearn for that acceptance of ourselves. Including all our shortcomings, out insecurities and negative traits. Consecutively, we fear scaring the object of our fascination and attraction away if we expose those undesirable rough edges. …

Lady in an Armchair, Writing. Painted originally by: Gabriele Münter

Dear Anxiety,

You and I go way back don’t we? Before I could even identify what you were, you had already started having an immense impact on my life.

For the longest time, to me the line between us was so blurry I couldn’t see it at all. We were one. I perceived each and every painful intake of breath, each and every panic attack, each little awkward gesture and fear as a confirmation of what you kept whispering into my ear.

A mixture of self-destructive thoughts about the lack of my worth. You kept repeating of how I as…


“Change is hard at first, Messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.” ― Robin S. Sharma

When people begin considering moving to a foreign country, whatever the reason or the predicted length of their endeavor might be, it’s associated with certain emotions. Anxiety, nervousness, excitement. By all means, such a decision is difficult, for both emotional and logistical reasons.

One of the things you’re likely to deal with is expat guilt, that voice inside your head that scrutinizes you for a particular decision. Tells you how selfish you are for having made it, how your time and life could be invested elsewhere in a much more fruitful and “right” way. It can be as small as…

A poem about being at a crossroad

What if you also trip or fall?

What if it’s not your way at all?

So many voices out and in

There is a battle deep within

One tells you: Go where you belong

In this case there’s no right or wrong

Another adds: But let me point

At all of those you’ll dissapoint

The third one doesn’t say a word

Which can be just as sharp as sword

You know if everything falls through

It’ll mock and tell you “I warned you”

The safer path is there you see?

That’s where they…

Kim Tennison

Hi :) Your friendly neighbourhood writer, translator and editor here! I enjoy emerging myself in various unique worlds through reading and creating stories.

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